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“For 100 days I was given the opportunity to know and meet new friends.  In lieu of my wife, my family and I are extending our heartfelt thanks for the good care administered to Tomas Bachar.  Valley House Rehabilitation Center is lucky to have good management and hardworking people.  Our thanks goes especially to the Therapeutic Dept, medical staff and housekeeping staff.” -Rodolf B.

"Anyone who has been to as many Rehab Centers as I have (due to many misfortunes with my parents), would absolutely agree that this place deserves no less than 5 stars.  Nobody likes hospitals or rehab centers, as they are usually places of great sadness.  But Valley House is the best I've experienced in the Bay Area.  Top reasons why:

1.  Clean - this place is very, very clean for the type of business it operates.  They are constantly cleaning the rooms, the patients and the common areas.  This is the only Center that does not smell... it was the first thing my sister and I noticed when picking it out.

2.  Nice & Attentive Staff - staff members at Rehab Centers are always very busy and quite stressed out.  But the people at this Center are very friendly, patient, attentive and usually smiling.  Not only does this brighten the mood of the patients, but it provides an uplifting environment for everyone, including the visitors.

3.  Good food - rehab centers don't usually provide the best food, but the food at this place is actually quite good!   Since his stay (my father has been here for 2 weeks as of today), my Dad has had filet mignon, chicken, salmon, pasta, veggies, fresh fruit, and much much more.  My Dad cleans his plate every meal :)

4.  Nice Facilities - the building and furnishings of this rehab center is the nicest I've seen.  It is quite modern, and has nice paintings and art in every room.  The patients' rooms are very pleasant, and equipped with dressers, night stand, and a TV with cable and DVD player.

5.  WiFI - free and speedy WiFi!  Need I say more?"  -Alicia F.

"My husband is in Valley House for the 3rd time.  He is now there for physical therapy.  I must say when I first came I was a bit apprehensive being that this was our first stint at a rehabilitation center. All my anxieties were put aside by talking to Lorna and learning that any concerns or issues are to be brought to managements attention and any adjustments that are required would be made right away. 

I am very happy that the nurses and staff remember my husband and treat him with respect and kindness. This type of treatment helps the healing process. I feel quite confident that my husband will be up and walking on his own very soon. I must mention one of the CNA's "JOHN" that young man is the kindest, considerate and loving individual I've ever known, no mater what the task he does it with a smile and a kind  word; with people like him working at Valley House all the patients will thrive and get better sooner than later!! 

As with any business you cannot please all the people all the time but I see that Valley House is really trying to do a good job and I appreciate that immensely!" -Jan W.